Mission Statement

Vision Statement (What we aspire to be)
The Employment Network (TEN) of Saint Brigid assists and encourages the overall growth and prosperity of the local community Saint Brigid Catholic Church serves, by offering career assistance to all attendees, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Mission Statement: (How we will achieve the vision)
The Employment Network (TEN) of Saint Brigid, is committed to providing job search training, support, direction, encouragement and networking opportunities to anyone who is unemployed, underemployed or in career transition. We will do this by providing proven and effective career advisory services to all attendees enabling them to successfully and quickly acquire employment, financial stability and spiritual wealth.


St. Brigid – TEN
Opening Prayer

Lord, Thank You for all of the blessings You have bestowed upon us.

We pray for the courage to do Your will while we seek new employment. We pray for the strength to keep our spirit high during this journey. Calm our worries and fears as they may mount. Strengthen our resolve; embolden our hearts to open doors; open our eyes to see life beyond trials and rejections.

Help us to believe in ourselves, our friends and family, and in our fellow job seekers. We ask for the determination to keep moving forward in Your love and presence during this time. Guide our steps to a righteous path; give us the patience to find opportunities with a future.

Thank you for helping us find our perfect job, according to Your will and in the place of Your own choice.

We ask this through Christ, Your Son.

St. Cajetan is the patron saint of the unemployed. Remember, we pray to St. Cajetan to intercede for us to God in order to have your prayer answered. We do NOT pray to him.

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