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Most people do not keep the same job (or even career) for their entire working life. As time goes on in your job, certain things can wear you down. Your salary isn't quite making ends meet, your benefits don't match your needs and you're working the hours of a CEO despite your job title. Your job has gone from amazing to awful in a short period of time or your company has gone through a restructing. Either way, and once again, you're ready to join the rat race to look for a new one.

This site is intended to provide tools, guidance, advice & support to help you in your job search. Learn strategic and productive steps, tips and techniques to find your next job and career opportunity.
Use our on-line tools or meet with our expert volunteers in small group meetings with others who are also looking for work.
Our volunteers have expertise in job search strategies, tactics and skills and want to help you find a new career opportunity and get back to work as quickly as possible. Network with fellow job seekers, make new connections and exchange information and ideas.

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