Week 2 Elevator Pitches / Cold calling / Research
Join us on the Second Tuesday of each month to discuss Elevator Pitches / Cold calling / Research

When: Second Tuesday of each month in the evening from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Where: Room 135, St. Brigid’s Catholic Church
3400 Old Alabama Road
Alpharetta, GA 30022-5525

Meetings are free and suggested dress is business casual. No registration required.

The Elevator Pitch


Sometime referred to as “The Elevator Speech”. This is the single best way to differentiate yourself within the first 10 to 30 seconds of meeting anyone. This is the critical device that describes exactly who you are and what your purpose is when networking with potential hiring managers.

The Elevator Pitch in Three Parts:

Part 1: Introduction (10 seconds)
Begin with your name, position (desired), and what you are looking for. Keep is succinct and easy to understand so the person you are networking with can understand how to help you. Add in three business related adjectives that highlight your abilities.

Part 2: Career Accomplishments (15 seconds)
Mention three top career accomplishments that contain quantified facts and the result of your accomplishment. The numbers will specifically detail what you accomplished and the benefits will demonstrate the impact of your good work. The networker and/or hiring manager will be imagining what you could do for them as you are speaking.

Part 3: Closing Question (5 seconds)
Direct Approach – This is not a yes or no question. It is a question that focuses the hiring manager/networker on how to help you accomplish your goal. The result should either be an interview or a referral. (If they cannot interview you because there are no job openings, then be sure to follow up asking for a referral to someone they know who can hire you.)
Indirect Approach – This is an orienting statement that directs the other networkers to the various companies/representative companies you are most interested to work in. Try to list three or four companies so it jogs their memory leading to quality referrals into those companies.

Practice your elevator pitch as much as you can and let it flow off your tongue like an actor learning their lines. Put inflection in your voice so it sounds like you are speaking extemporaneously. Adapt your pitch to the conversation and circumstance.

Follow these points and see your success unfold before your eyes!

Crafting an Elevator Pitch: goto: Key Points

Cold Calling


This is one of the most successful methods of find a job in any economy! People who follow this methodology get jobs faster than anyone else in the market. Why? It immediately opens you up to unadvertised positions and/or sets you ahead of lackluster candidates.

Looking in the section for research will help you understand how to compile your list of potential employers/hiring managers. Using your elevator pitch above, you will impress your audience and gain the interview you need to move your career search forward.

Research in the Job Search

A. When to Research
Preferable ALL research done “after hours”
• Keep 8-5 for phone calls & meetings
• May not be the case, esp. at beginning
B. How to Research
- Library – Hoover’s etc (list of Companies); SIC codes; Atlanta Book of Lists (Atlanta Business Journal)
- Internet – company (and competitors) web site (esp. annual reports for public companies);
- Websites: LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, SalesGenie, MySpace/Facebook, etc;
- Professional organizations: atlantaevent.com

Levels of Research

1. Initial – High-level
• Looking for List of target companies and YOUR hiring manager: contacts – names, telephones #s, emails
• No need to have a lot of specific info – goal is to make introduction
- Make contact with only 5-15% of calls
- Be respectful of their time - after ~5 minutes, set up an in person meeting

2. For meeting – Detailed
• Current challenges to company as they relate to YOUR position / expertise
• Company web site, annual report, press releases, etc..
• Company mission statement & direction
• Same for their competitors
• Industry challenges
• Who you are meeting with & who influences them
- Background & experience (new target companies for you)
• Plan on 1 day / meeting

3. Follow –up – Reminder
• Find during other detailed research
• Remind contacts you are still looking – shoot for every 30-60 days
• News /info of value to them
- Shows you are still aware of happenings in the industry
- Ask for their thoughts on the matter – re-start a new dialog
• Congratulations
- Stroke their egos

Do’s and Don’ts of Research
1. Do not do research during working hours!
• Those are the hours you want to speak with people
2. Do not do detailed research before 1st call!
• You will not speak with 85% of the people you call, so why waste the time?
3. Do not wait to complete your initial list before starting your contacts!
• Your contact list will never be complete – find some contacts and then reach out
4. Do detailed research before each interview
• Show the employer you want to work for THEIR company, not that you just want a job, any job.
5. Do follow-up
- Remind them you are still looking

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